(selected) Essays & Etc.

How do you pronounce your name?Salon, November 2021.

Irene Roderick and the fine art of improvisational quilt-making,” Sightlines, October 2021.

Normal Routine,” Awst Press, August 2021.

Carmen Argote and Lisa Lapinski have striking, impressive solo exhibitions at UT Visual Arts Center,” Sightlines, February 2020. PDF

Natalia Sylvester: Fiction as Truthtelling,” Sightlines, January 2020.

Identity construct: Genevieve Gaignard’s alter egos make the personal political, ” Sightlines, April 2019.

Kendra Fortmeyer: Telling Stories Worth Telling,” Sightlines, December 2018.

More Than one Thing: Lise Ragbir,” Sightlines, December 2018.

Between the Sublime and Decay: Ann Wood’s Quick and Quiet,Sightlines, September 2018. PDF

Review: Into that Good Night,” Conflict of Interest, August 2018.

Review: Arcade,” Conflict of Interest, June 2018.

Review: Everyone Knows You Go Home,Conflict of Interest, June 2018.

MATERIAL GIRLS: xoxo,” Conflict of Interest, February 2018.

Review: Tender Glass by Amy Hauft + Carol Mavor,” Conflict of Interest, November 2017.

Annette DiMeo Carlozzi,” Conflict of Interest, April 2017.

Review: Good as Gone by Amy Gentry,” Conflict of Interest, January 2017.

Review: Where We Go When All We Were Is Gone by Sequoia Nagamatsu,” Conflict of Interest, January 2017.

Review: Pull Me Under by Kelly Luce, ” Conflict of Interest, November 2016.

Review: Katie Chase Man & Wife,” Conflict of Interest, September 2016.

In All Honesty: Troy Campa,” Conflict of Interest, August 2016.

Sean Gaulager,” Conflict of Interest, August 2016.

Ten years, eighty-five years, a thousand years from now,” Conflict of Interest, March 2016.

Q+A with Seth Orion Schwaiger,” Conflict of Interest, February 2016.

Curating in Texas: Veronica Roberts,” Arts and Culture Texas, November 2015. PDF

Behind the counter of Farewell Books,” Conflict of Interest, June 2015.

Between words and space: Ana Esteve Llorens,” Conflict of Interest, May 2015.

Jenny White: Till’s Landing at RedSpace Gallery,” Temporary Art Review, February 2013. PDF

Ann Wood: Violent Delights,” Dallas Art News, October 2012. PDF

Hybrid Forms at AMOA-Arthouse,” …might be good, September 2012. PDF

Jules Buck Jones at N Space,” Dallas Art News, September 2012. PDF

Ben Brandt: All_Over,” …might be good, May 2012. PDF