Essays & Etc.

a selection for your perusal

Work in Progress with Betelhem Makonnen,” Southwest Contemporary, May 2023.

Michael Anthony García: “Grounded in a Utopian Projection of Positivity,” Southwest Contemporary, February 2023.

From Austin-based writer Chaitali Sen, ‘A New Race of Men from Heaven,’ a collection of stories,” Sightlines, February 2023.

Typeface Made Me Do It,” Sightlines, November 2022.

Plein Air Is a Sobering Reminder of Human Impact on the Environment,” Hyperallergic, August 2022.

In Adam Soto’s ‘Concerning Those Who Have Fallen Asleep,’ stories that walk through walls, like ghosts,” Sightlines, August 2022.

Curator Profile: Laura August of the Rubin Center in El Paso,” Southwest Contemporary, June 2022.

Review: ‘Catastrophe’ by Deirdre Danklin,” Sightlines, April 2022.

Dalia Azim’s ‘Country of Origin,’” Sightlines, April 2022.

Review: Sara Hubbs: Soft Shoulder at Everybody, Tucson,” Southwest Contemporary, March 2022.

How do you pronounce your name?Salon, November 2021.

Irene Roderick and the fine art of improvisational quilt-making,” Sightlines, October 2021.

Normal Routine,” Awst Press, August 2021.

Carmen Argote and Lisa Lapinski have striking, impressive solo exhibitions at UT Visual Arts Center,” Sightlines, February 2020. PDF

Natalia Sylvester: Fiction as Truthtelling,” Sightlines, January 2020.

Identity construct: Genevieve Gaignard’s alter egos make the personal political,” Sightlines, April 2019.

More Than one Thing: Lise Ragbir,” Sightlines, December 2018.

MATERIAL GIRLS: xoxo,” Conflict of Interest, February 2018.

Review: Tender Glass by Amy Hauft + Carol Mavor,” Conflict of Interest, November 2017.

Annette DiMeo Carlozzi,” Conflict of Interest, April 2017.

Review: Where We Go When All We Were Is Gone by Sequoia Nagamatsu,” Conflict of Interest, January 2017.

Review: Katie Chase Man & Wife,” Conflict of Interest, September 2016.

Ten years, eighty-five years, a thousand years from now,” Conflict of Interest, March 2016.

Q+A with Seth Orion Schwaiger,” Conflict of Interest, February 2016.

Curating in Texas: Veronica Roberts,” Arts and Culture Texas, November 2015. PDF

Behind the counter of Farewell Books,” Conflict of Interest, June 2015.

Between words and space: Ana Esteve Llorens,” Conflict of Interest, May 2015.

Jenny White: Till’s Landing at RedSpace Gallery,” Temporary Art Review, February 2013. PDF

“Ann Wood: Violent Delights,” Dallas Art News, October 2012. PDF

Hybrid Forms at AMOA-Arthouse,” …might be good, September 2012. PDF

“Jules Buck Jones at N Space,” Dallas Art News, September 2012. PDF

“Ben Brandt: All_Over,” …might be good, June 2012. PDF

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