movement, November 30, 2022

Winter is wrapping itself around the city, well, it was when I drafted that sentence. Yesterday it was in the seventies. Every year I have to remind myself that the season is longer than I always think, which is still shorter than winter in many places. I’ve set weather widgets for places I think about, and it’s an exercise in dreaming when I look at the temperatures across the world.

Speaking of, this city. Austin, Texas. A place where tech-bro is the dominant culture. Pickleball as beer pong for the slightly more grown-up. Austin is a place, frankly, I didn’t dream about returning to.

Two weeks ago, I deleted Instagram from my phone (again). This time it feels different from breaks I’ve done in the past when the news was too hard to bear. I realized I felt following someone on social media was somehow maintaining friendship. As the blue bird dies its drawn-out death, I worry, who will I lose contact with when the same happens to the last social network I use? A contradiction.

And back to our decision to return to a state that doesn’t care if I die? We moved back to be closer to a circle of people who do care. More contradiction. I’m only starting to allow myself to figure out what this year was about, but I know the thread that runs through all of 2022 is finding safety. Pulling closer to people who make me feel safe. Removing myself from places & people that feel unsafe. Being better about being able to tell. Finding people who likewise need a specific level of safety from those around them. Maybe you, too, have been afraid for the past two or four (plus) years and understand?

I’ll tell you this: I turned thirty-five this year and did/had a lot to stress out about. My hair is thinning, and I’m sure I have laugh lines. All to say, I’m getting into years where I am growing my powers of making things big or small. I have the choice. I have a choice if I want it. May the ugliest things that happen to me be very small. May the loveliest grow enormously.

How are you taking care of yourself?

All my best,


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