Sidekicks, false leads, and mystery: Harry Potter volume two

The Chamber of Secrets starts out with a nice and quick summary and slips right back into the action. Harry discovers what it’s like to live like a wizard when he spends the rest of his summer with Ron and the next suspect is presented — Percy.

I know I shouldn’t have fallen for it, but Rowling keeps throwing undeniably questionable events into the plot. Percy must be somehow involved with the mysterious Chamber of Secrets and petrified half-breeds. The Chamber of Secrets also makes it quite evident why the Harry Potter series encourages tolerance through the “hunting” of half-breeds by the monster that is released from the Chamber.

This volume is filled with tense moments between Potter and Malfoy (and Malfoy senior). Ginny, Ron’s little sister, enters Hogwarts and appears to be a future love interest for Harry. Perhaps there was even some flirting between Ron and Hermione. Potter strengthens his standing as a hero for those who are held down by the dark and powerful through his release of Dobby, a tricky elf, at the end of the novel.

The ups and downs are well paced, but I’m ready to transition to the books for an older reader. I took a peek at the bookstore and was surprised (maybe a bit intimidated) by the girth of the volumes down the road.


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