Creating culture

black and white smiley face

I try to say hello and goodbye to my office mates every day.

I’m not an especially chipper person, my true friends can attest to this, and certainly not at my best before 10 am, so why do I do it? It’s not a cry for attention, but rather an attempt to build a culture of caring at work.

My interest in office culture (and my interest in Asian American leaders) lead me to Delivering Happiness by Tony Hseih.

Hseih writes, “Studies have shown that engaged employees are more productive, and that the number of good friends an employee has at work is correlated with how engaged that employee is.” I appreciate Hseih’s devotion to a great company culture. He does not strive for this simply for productivity, but for happiness — his and his employees.

Everything matters. Do you keep your door open? Do you have a place for colleagues to sit in when they drop by to visit? Are you a good listener?


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