Writing from a distance

It’s been a dreadfully long time since I’ve written here, or written anything but a to-do list. A very long time. Three things have predominantly occupied me: work, Tiny Park, and personal life (meaning, Brian and reading/decompressing).

The new job is going absolutely swell; I dare say (and I say I dare say become I am reading Pride and Prejudice and can only wish I were English) I am doing well and learning as quickly as one can. The only draw back is that I come home absolutely drained (I’m generally drained by 2 pm) with only the energy to make dinner, drink a glass of wine (if I’m lucky), and read a couple of pages before bed.

Earlier this week I was chatting with a colleague and talking about how I was jugging the gallery, work-related art events, and the job (which is admissions for undergraduate art and art history). A lot of art-things in my day, you can see. She exclaimed, “And you love it!” My reply, “I….love it.”

Can you imagine? It was amusing to me because as much as I might complain about the silly things that go wrong in the gallery, worry about the gallery’s legacy, be preoccupied by the job and hesitant about the future (my hopeful success), (as always) concerned about my own desired production and fame, and tired of trying to go to absolutely every event in the city….. I do love it.



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