If only all guys got it!This is to me what it’s all about.  Great suit, great fit, and all the details without being obnoxious and pretentious.The subtleties in the tie (front wool, back corduroy) worn in a way not to imitate the Italians, yet still having a hint of Sprezzutura.The pocket square is a must as no suit is truly complete without that one item.  While I don’t like matching pocket square and ties (I consider it a style sin), in this case since the tie has 2 fabrics, I could only endorse this look with the tip of my brim.  Add the tie clip and lapel pin - This is dead on.If I had to pick one photo to represent MRket Show it would be this one.  To me it’s the complete package (both the show and photo), the main piece (the suit) and all the details coming together.  It’s about selecting the right pieces and bringing them together - It’s about STYLE.To learn more about MRket and see the photos from the 3 day event visit the MRket Show website (click here).In photo:  Clifton Wilson of Armstrong and Wilson.

This looks like a fab outfit. Follow Guerreisms for fashion.


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