Norman Lewis (1909-1979)

Half-length portrait of Norman LewisPhotograph by Geoffrey Clements

My stint as a gallery assistant at the Blanton Museum of Art was probably the first time I really spent any time with contemporary art. In their America/Americas, a painting by Norman Lewis has always caught my attention.

I was surprised to stumble upon him in an exhibition I saw while in Birmingham because there is so little out there about him.

And just one photograph in a Google image search?

I probably will not be the one to write a book about Lewis, but am curious about him and his work. Apparently, he died unexpectedly, but left enough behind for a person like me to stumble upon his legacy and have these moments of wonder.


2 thoughts on “Norman Lewis (1909-1979)

  1. Hey hey hey! Billy Hodges Gallery in NYC is the representative of the Norman Lewis estate. You may want to check out his work on the gallery’s website. Also- I happen to have several Norman Lewis catalogues if you’re interested in a catalog swap? See you soon .

    • Definitely would like to borrow those – I don’t think I’d have anything to “swap” with you (unless you have something in particular in mind).

      Hope to see you soon! I’ve been wanting to discuss the merits of an artist with you…

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