Shoot for the moon


Everyone must remember this from grade school, right?

Everyone must also have had that moment in life, when they realized it was backwards. But isn’t that life? In my own backwards logic, I have always pushed myself to dream big. Because, like the stars, you’ll logically get farther if than if you intend to go 100 yards then 10 yards. Logically.

You may hear me say “eight story building” to Brian when we’re talking about the future of Tiny Park. It’s the same. I want Tiny Park, one day, to be an eight story building with a library, recording studios, art studios, cafe, bar — you name it. And, now, we’ve gotten farther than I could have imagined. I mean, we’re not in Art Forum every issue, but you can’t have it all and all at once, right?

I’ve been busy getting back into the swing of things this week, the art season is starting up and I’ve been setting new goals. I ought to mention that I didn’t finish the two short stories I set out to do in December, but I’ll do better next time, I promise.


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