Potato ball dinner


I’m trying to spice up our dinners. I’ve been repeating the same ol’ recipes and it’s high time to change it up.

I made a standard gravy from the drippings leftover from the fish. Tilapia, I have discovered, is best cooked cut into smaller pieces. One filet is so many thicknesses, that it’s almost impossible to get right. Cut up, you can take parts out when they’re done and keep the fish moist. Wondrous!

The zucchini squash was pan fried with a bit of canola oil and a lot of pepper and salt.

Potato balls: boiled potatoes mashed with rosemary, italian seasoned bread crumbs, garlic, and egg. Roll it in bread crumbs for a nice crust and bake for warmth, then broil for crispiness. This is new, I may do little pucks next time around.

I’m thinking meatloaf in our near future. Do you have any favorite recipes? It’s cold in Austin, so there may be a soup and chicken pot pie (yes!) soon too!


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