In the nation, I mean state, of Tejas


Everything is better and bigger in Texas? Maybe not, maybe so. Mostly, it depends on who you’re talking to. Did they go through Texas History? Were they fed the kooolaiid as soon as they could say “y’all”?

We can enter upon a discussion on the mentality of Texans another day. I’m a through and through Texan, born and raised, so while I lack big, blond hair and that twang, I’ve learned that I have some pride. Another discussion another day.

Today is a real start to the new year. Back to work, back to the real world. What does that mean? That means slipping whatever I can between that forty-a-week, a blog here, a blog there. Anything to keep me sane.

With Brian’s and my’s goals for Tiny Park in mind, I’ve got even more cut out for me as we “up” our game. More, more, more, better, better, better!

There will be reviews, there will be website maintaining, there will be FICTION WRITING, there will be the occasional submission, even!

So, honestly, I cringe every time I read a “how to blog better” blog post, because, my dear, you’re unfortunately left to my short, spastic, posts. Most of my posts lack a hook, a main point, a strong conclusion. Such is life. I’m saving it up for the fiction, one has to hope.

To 2013, y’all.


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