2012, year in review

2012 in Review

Another year has gone by and we’re one step closer to “the end”. As much as I hated the stupidity surrounding the “end” according to the Mayan calendar, I have to appreciate that (big assumption) it made people en masse think about their lives. Whether or not they fell asleep and upon waking up to a perfectly normal day on earth forgot about anything they may have considered is another thing altogether.

I try to give Facebook as little of my life as possible by deleting posts and only replying “maybe” to events. Did you know they go ahead and post the events to your timeline? It’s always humorous when someone asks me about an event I went to (via Facebook) only to discover that I was actually not feeling well that night and couldn’t go. Didn’t update Facebook while in bed. Sorry, Facebook.

When “See Your 2012 Year in Review” popped up on my page, sure, I clicked on it. The last couple of posts I had left popped up and not much. Fortunately for me, most of my life happens outside of Facebook.

Twenty twelve was the first year since entering kindergarten that I did not take a single class. Never say never, but I don’t plan on going back for another masters or my doctorate in the future. I can’t see it clearly now, but in a few years (or months) time, I hope to look back on this year with great feeling. With great accomplishment.


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