A touch like BBQ with fried rice.


Our main ingredients don’t change much between seafood, chicken, pasta, and rice. So, we’ve developed, what I hope, is a good variation of many meals and learned different cultures of cooking.

Here, I’ve steamed rice then added thinly sliced yellow squash and frozen peas. I cut chicken thighs into strips, butterflying thick parks for even cooking. I seasoned the chicken with garlic, S&P, and Worcestershire sauce.  During cooking, I added more W sauce to keep the garlic and drippings in the pan from burning.

Once the all the chicken was cooked, I stirred the rice and vegetables into the leftover drippings and garlic to season. (I have lots of fond memories of doing this after cooking pork chop as a kid—also very delicious).

My motto is that you should never waste what the meat gives off in the pot. Gravy or deeper sauces always are one step away.


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