Lemon shrimp with rice

We finally tried a short-cut B’s been thinking about. Throw your broccoli into the rice cooker to steam! Fantastic! It works, but throw it in when the rice is near done and keep an eye on it. Rice cookers (I think) work by weight, so the broccoli throws it off. It will not automatically switch to warm if you’re not careful —it will burn!

I cooked the shrimp with lemon juice, garlic, rosemary, and S&P. Pour the shrimp and all of the juices over the rice, and you have an easy & warm meal.

This particular night and meal was nice for me because it was the first time in two or three weeks that I was cooking leisurely. Brian and I have been busier (it feels) than normal. We got into the kitchen, made some drinks, and relaxed! (Little did I know that the next day he would cook for me!)


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