Shrimp dinners.

I’ve let this blog flat line. What a mess!
Alas, I am forever cooking and getting ready to think up some snazzy new things to make for our Thanksgiving dinner. For now, shrimp and mashed potatoes. Perhaps one day I’ll try shrimp with grits. Just because I don’t particularly like it for breakfast, doesn’t mean I won’t like it with shrimpy goodness.

The spinach on the side is cooked with vegetable stock. I boiled cubed potatoes (always cube for faster cooking!) then mashed them with butter, ground rosemary, onion granules, raw garlic, and milk. I pan cooked the shrimp in olive oil, pepper, dried basil, chili powder, garlic, and onion granules. I use the onion granules to get the taste, but not the thing. B doesn’t like it so much and that gives me reason to drag us to Justine’s for their French onion soup.

I made the gravy with the left over pan juices from the shrimp. Instead of adding flour to the pan, letting it warm, and mixing in milk & vegetable stock, I take a small short cut. Before adding flour to the pan, I mix it with cold stock (or milk) to get it from lumping in the pan and having to use a whisk (one less thing to wash). This method is especially good to use when you need to thicken a soup or sauce. Corn starch is another alternative to flour.

Happy cooking and eating!


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