Texas Contemporary, Part II

Alright, I’ve done some reading and talking and perhaps I’m simply not cut out for art fairs. Not the conventional ones anyway. Perhaps an art fair built like Fusebox Festival, I could do. Are those, biennials then? Well, I’ve read about the fair/biennial/triennial mess enough and I’m sure you have  too. So, let’s just keep this easy.

As I mentioned, I did not take pictures of any art work. However, I did manage to collect business cards. I love business cards (but I’ll tell you about that another time).

Those that made it into my bag (artists I or Brian particularly liked were written on the back and listed with their gallery):

Steve Turner ContemporaryPablo Rasgado & Jacob Yanes

THE POOL NYCPatrick Jacobs


Nancy Hoffman Gallery Michele Pred

Steve Turner ContemporaryRowan Wood

Robert Bills Contemporary

Jonathan Ferrara Gallery – (the artist that made the bricks of money  & Hannah Chalew)

Wade Wilson Art

Angles GalleryTom LaDuke

Now, I think this would enable you to trace our route through the fair as well as find the point when we checked out. So I apologize to the galleries I went through glassy-eyed and numb. Next year (I do want to try to go every year) we’ll do it in two days to minimize the mind-fuck.

Best read? Dean Liscum’s trip to the fair with MeeMaw on The Great God Pan is Dead.


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