Things you need to see

This weekend was a great weekend for art openings in Austin. At Okay Mountain, Katie Bell opened “Day Dusting.” We were introduced to her Friday night at the VAC. Seeing her Saturday at her opening, then later at Project Space gave me this awesome sense of pride in Austin’s art community.

Okay Mountain’s new space, though smaller and with less programming than before, is clean and beautifully presents artwork. Bell’s exhibition was bright and refreshing. Her balance of assemblage of found objects and play with illusion and.. well, the work deserves more time and words than I can give her here.

The Visual Art Center always opens with a bang. They have six spaces that they are able to utilize (seven counting the video screen in the lobby in front of the auditorium), so visitors get a variety of exhibits to taste. It is a must see for anyone living or visiting. There are plenty of lectures and seminars scheduled this semester as well if you are itching for more.

The night also included Red Space Gallery, Presidential LosersProject Space and a performance at Monofonus that we, unfortunately, were too tired to see by the end of the night (give us a small break!).

Don’t miss out on future events in Austin!


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