As I climb ladders

I have been kicking around a lot of ideas, mostly old ones, lately. You heard me complain last post about a lack of desire to work. It was spurred by this “Motivational Survey” my supervisor asked me to fill out. The side of me that has been abused by a corporation (that shall remain unnamed) wanted to figure out the formula to this survey. So it sat on my desk until I stopped questioning it like a rebellious child. To complete it, I had to let myself forget that my supervisor would be looking at it, using it to measure me, and figuring out how I “work”.

Once it was completed, I felt like I understood myself better. It made me more focused (go figure!). At the end, it told me what I already knew, i.e. I like creative projects and I like to be challenged. It’s my own fault for not yet obtaining a job where most of my projects are invigorating.

Steps I’ve taken to essentially create more work for myself include developing an internship for Tiny Park (I’ve still got to get it approved by the good ol’ director), committing myself to writing about the arts, and outlining two short story collections. One of these may never see the light of day. It’s an experimental one that no one will care about until I’m “someone.”

Those have been unintentionally listed in the order of importance to me. Notice that the fiction is at the bottom of the list. My aim is to get that equal to Tiny Park. I need fiction like a fish needs water. Reading shouldn’t replace my writing.


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