As it is told

Last time I wrote, I made some goals. I’m not sure I’m getting any closer, but now there is this constant nagging voice in my head shouting, “Are you WRITING? How ’bout now, are you WRITING?” The answer, usually, is no. I am reading (important for the, uh, writing), scheming, tweeting, or what have you. At least, I think, I’m not watching TV mindlessly or doing drugs.

I keep telling people I feel like my brain is cloudy. A friend told me to drink more water. Which I have tried to do. I don’t know if it will make me less cloudy, but it might make me more hydrated, which is a good thing. Another thing I have put on my list of to-do’s is have lunch in the library at work. This is my view:

Pretty spectacular, huh? And it is silent up there. It is a study floor, but also usually quite desolate. Today there was an elderly, retired (?) man flipping through piles of gorgeous art books across the room from me. What heaven that must be!

Now, this is important for me because I realized I don’t take the time to stare out the window and look at trees and relax. That’s why I’ve been so cloudy. I’m sure everyone needs this time. Maybe that’s what people are doing when they watch television. Who knows. But between my various things, I don’t make the time to do nothing. Sleeping isn’t completely recharging you know. Riding the bicycle to work is very unlike taking the bus. And I’ve told you how much I love riding the bus, haven’t I?



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