Fish out of water

Photo by: Robert Boyd

Our second Art Trip took us to Houston. It began as a loose idea between myself and Brian and a called-bluff of Jaime’s. Hopefully it will only continue.

We had two basic goals, see Lawndale’s Big Show and visit Art Palace. We ended up also visiting Inman Gallery, the third gallery in that strip (oh, to be next to two other galleries and an art consultant!), CAM, and another gallery on North or South street. The best thing we scored, was a giant lime.

It was great to see Art Palace at its new home. I went to Arturo’s Austin space two or three times and his Houston gallery looks fantastic. Lawndale was indeed a huge event! I liked that it is a summary of Houston’s artists, but the opening was more like going to a club and less like going somewhere to look at art. This was to be expected but not completely realized. I did see a few things worth marking, but it’s sort of a lottery and you’re at the juror’s mercy. He and I do not have similar tastes, I don’t think. But my tastes are narrow.

Spread throughout was a 100th version of “So-and-so,” perfumed air, and “fashion.” During the drive we discussed visiting artists, art writing, and careers. I’m still ruminating on some of these points, and you’ll see them in future posts.


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