Takeaways from San Antonio

I’ve barely had time to digest the work I saw at Artpace last night, but here’s what happened without too much theorizin’.

We met up some new friends and all piled into a car. Well, that was after Brian and I arrived, then realized we needed to grab something to eat. Art trip tip #1: Make sure everyone is on the same page in regards to food. Hanger is dangerous for art viewing. I sat next to Jaime’s Assistant 3 (?) while she slept on the ride down. Then I put on my sunglasses and also slept. We had to pay for parking, much to Jaime’s chagrin. Art trip tip #2: Have cash. (Tiny Park fails to have cash on hand more frequently than not).

Artpace was crowded and filled with people, low and behold, from Austin! It was nice to see familiar faces in a not-so-far-off place. More importantly, I like to see people supporting other artists, curators, writers, and organizations. The importance of mutual support is not new and certainly should not be forgotten.

We only got to see Mike Osborne’ s work before we found seats for the artist’s talk. The talk was long and not very well conducted (confusion over microphones, etc.). At first, I saw my unhappiness with the panel as inexperience or ill-preparedness on the artists’ part. After discussing it with everyone, I was inclined to question the curator and moderator more. There was a separate viewing room for the discussion, but I heard that because the speakers were not really using the mic’s, people could not hear. Panel discussion tip #1: make sure your speakers know they need to use the mic’s and talk into them, not around them. We left the open question time early to spend time viewing the other two artists’ work. There was also a small exhibit in the Hudson (Show) Room.

We looked at art, we rode the elevator to the roof. Upon discovery of rain, we rode the elevator back down. The elevator was pretty magical. The doors opened and we join our friends, they opened again and some friends left, but then new friends came in! Much fast talking and hello’s ensued until we decided that getting off would save our sanity. Art trip tip 3#: Maintain communication and openness with others in your group. Well, Art trip tip #0: Only invite people who are relaxed and fun to be around as you basically head into a city with no plans.

Frankly, I don’t know where we went for drinks after. I had a nice stout beer and some fries.  Art trip tip#4: Always facilitate discussion with some alcohol and food. We discussed and it was good. And to be privy to that, you just have to attend one of our (hopeful) many art trips.


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