Things are heating up!

This article will give you some history and some numbers on the Big Four and Next Five. Names I’ve just learned, but hey, who said I was a good sports fan? Tennis is all I can stand to follow, and mostly it is nostalgia and Federer.

I mean, really. He looks so good on the court.

Can’t wait ’til the men’s finals on Sunday, no matter who is playing.


One thought on “Things are heating up!

  1. I think my tennis fan-dom is based on nostalgia too, probably a slightly different era than yours thought!

    I don’t care about anyone left in the women’s draw, but there are loads of men i’d be thrilled to see in the final: Nadal, Murray, Federer and Dojovik (the one i love to hare: I can’t even be bothered learning to spell his name!).

    If the semis go down anything like the basketball East/West championships, the men’s final will have Ferrar and Almagro.

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