Tet Kho

I told you more chicken was on the way.

This is a slightly modified Vietnamese dish I loved when I was growing up. Of course, there is egg involved. My fond memories of it also include pork, which we do not eat much of. So I’ve chopped up chicken and cooked it with olive oil, garlic, and granulated onion (which is my and Brian’s compromise). As the chicken cooked, I added a “thick” hoisin sauce. I kid you not, that is what is written on the bottle.  I sprinkled flour (fourth of a cup) to coat the chicken and thicken the sauce later. Then add vegetable stock slowly. We had three hard boiled eggs in the fridge and I added them in the last five minutes of cooking. Sauteed some spinach and voila!

The fun part is breaking up the egg and mixing it into your rice. Try it sometime, or I’ll make it for you!


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