Contemplation of the road.

As of right now, I own no motorized vehicle. Right now, I own Trudy (Trudence), my bicycle. I got rid of my car (payments) early in the year, then the scooter, then my motorcycle. I had thought I would pick up another motorcycle immediately, but did not. What stalled the purchase? Decisions I didn’t think I would ever consider.

Mostly because these are big-picture items that Brian dredged up and I would have never thought about. Things like, is this motorcycle maker going to even exist in five years? I’ve purchased too many projects in the past — a bicycle from the seventies that weighed a ton, a motorcycle also from the seventies that also weighed a ton — and am determined to not stray to that path again. Is there a motorcycle out there that is small enough for me, really? Would I consider getting a bigger scooter? Is a 53″ seat height ever going to be okay? No, it’s got to be as close to perfect as possible.

So, I’ve settled on the Suzuki TU250.

Settled on the engine, settled on the fact that it’s the only bike out there that remotely looks like what I want. It is available in the U.S. and not as much as a car. It is a project bike in the sense that I will eventually change the seat and handle bars; however, I hope to only deal with its carbs, old chain, or worn clutch in 40 years.

Thing’s I have missed are starting an engine, strapping on a helmet, and pulling on leather gloves. I miss changing gears and listening to the engine idle. I miss traveling on roads in a way that is specific to motorcycles — the cornering that is like cycling, but not.

On occasion, I think maybe I don’t need a motorcycle. Maybe it’s a frivolous and foolhardy thing to have. Alas, it’s like the books I can’t help but buy…the artwork I wish I could buy…You only live the one life, after all.

I’ll join you on the road soon.


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