Inspiration: South Congress Cafe

Well, I thought “I am bored of what we have been cooking.” Not that it hasn’t been good, but we certainly were repeating the goodness.

SO, I asked B what meat he would like = shrimp.

Then I pondered. I wanted something good which meant…butter! The ladies at work had been going on about pie, so I thought…pie crust!

I suck at pie crust. This turned out better than my sugar-less (by mistake) cake though and I have a bunch of dough in the freezer for the next time. I actually still have some of that cake in the freezer…


Olive oil


Dried parsley

Dried thyme

White wine vinegar

Balsamic vinegar

Vegetable broth






Green onion


Dried red chili peppers



Making the pie crust took a long time as I killed my hand mixer, so I had a fork and my own two hands. Except you don’t use your bare hands with pie crust because you don’t want the butter to melt. So I had a fork. Rolled out a third of the crust after a quick (definitely less than the suggested 1 hr in the fridge) chill. Cut into triangles and put in oven for 15 minutes, then broiled for 1 minute.

Heated the olive oil with the garlic and dried herbs. Added vegetable stock and vinegars then reduced. Added flour (already mixed in with some cold vegetable stock) and added milk. It’s always a bit sketchy at this point while the flour cooks and mixes with the liquids, but then you get a thick gravy-esque sauce. Added shrimp, flipped, then added vegetables. Sandwich between two pieces of crust.


Oh, the inspiration comes from South Congress Cafe’s winter seafood and puff pastry dish. It is AMAZING. You need to get it when it gets cold again. It’s a special though, so it may not be on the menu and your server will gladly tell you about it. Oh, I miss the days when I had a bigger salary and the luxury of eating at SCC every other week…I don’t miss the chest pain and I’m glad to have the 5 lbs back on my hips (I think).  So all is good. Cooking was extremely relaxing and now I’m going to go write (fiction!).

Anyway. Good eatin’ and good cookin’.


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