New coat of paint

Google reader count (61). That is after I unsubscribed to a blog at (89). I hate pending things. Sorry blogs, I can’t do the 10-20+ entries per day. There is life to live and scooters to paint:

Reminder: My scooter’s name is Emily. Em for short. Which is also a Vietnamese term for endearment. Oh, the wonders!

Pictures of her taken apart. She looks so bad ass deconstructed. Brian mentioned riding her down the street while standing on the gas tank. Hmmm….

We washed, sanded, then washed again. I am still sore (two days after) from this weird stand/squat I was going while sanding before I sat down. Jeez.

It’s amazing what a new coat of paint will do! She’s so pretty. So smooth. You can’t even see where I missed a spot. Brian did his painting wonderfully. Em’s given him a lot of spray paint experience. And I only messed up once when putting her together!

What out road, she’s faster than you think!


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