Where are you from?

This is called Banh Xeo. It’s the Vietnamese version of crepes, meaning yellowed with tumeric. Still stuffed with goodness, but ethically Vietnamese goodness.

Buy package of mix from the Vietnamese/Chinese market. Mix with water and a “bowl” (meaning can) of coconut milk. Add sliced green onions. We discovered that using one less cup of water makes it more dense than the original. Traditionally you fill it with bean sprouts, but here it is filled with spinach. I also stir fried some brussel sprouts and onions to put into others. For variety.

We used shrimp. Traditionally, use shrimp and sliced pork. Cook the pork through first which is not necessary to do with shrimp. The meat you choose should be cut into small pieces (half inch size). Drop those into a hot pan with oil, let the shrimp cook half way, then ladle some of the banh xeo mixture into the pan. Let cook. Since ours was more dense, I covered it with a lid to help it along. When it is almost done, add the veggies of your picking and fold in half.

Spoon over nuouc mam (fish sauce) to finish and you’re done!

Nuouc mam = water+fish sauce+lime+garlic+sugar (think East Side Kings’ sauce)

Invite friends over. Eat cookies after. YUM!


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