Grey plus green.

Oh, she’s a beauty.

The thing is, I don’t have much patience for the inner workings or the details that make up the machine. It is interesting and I am certainly not afraid to get grease on my hands or change my own oil (thank you!) but honestly, I don’t have the mind for air pressure, metal, compression, bolts, or timing.

I have the mind for the glint of sunlight when it catches on the side mirrors or the fucking shiny-ass chrome of the bike. I have a mind for the sexy hum of the engine or the high-pitched, tinny sound of those (wonderful, I hear) fuel-injected bikes. The shape of exhaust pipes or the subtle slant of the gas tank. The overall line of the bike, the view from the side, the view from the front, and the view from the back. I have a thing for the way the bike looks going down the road.


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