Gourmet down-home cooking

So, this was incredible. Something I’ve learned from Brian is that steamed broccoli is the way to go. Don’t “pop” that into the microwave. It’s simply different.

I am a lover of potatoes, so I make these “hash cakes.” Boil potatoes to cook them. Chop them up to boil and that cuts the time down to nothing. In a separate bowl, mix some bread crumbs, panko, garlic power (can’t ever have too much garlic), dried parsley, crushed chili, and S&P. Drain the potatoes then mix with the “rub.” Form into little cakes and brown each side in a pan. The potatoes are cooked, so you just want that crusty hashbrown goodness.

We bought some Sole Dover/Dover Sole because we were tired of trout and tired of tilapia. I crushed up Central Market’s hatch chili corn chips (we save the bottomlings of every bag we go through) and put them in a bowl. Next Brian dipped the sole in flour, then egg, then the corn mix. Put some olive oil in a pan and cooked them. The fillets are super thin, so they cook quite easily.

Put some pepper on the broccoli and then we are done.

But wait! Don’t we need a sauce? Try, butter, dijon mustard, then some milk and white wine vinegar. It’s got a sharpness that the vinegar rounds out and it is to die for. We’ll be putting that sauce on some more fish to come…

Cheers, and keep cooking!


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