Trout & Potatoes

Sometimes you just need something heavy.  Potatoes are an excellent answer.  I wasn’t as successful with these, baked in butter, milk, rosemary, garlic, and S&P.  I ought to try potatoes au gratin.  Justines’ make me jealous.  I have a sneaky feeling they require hours in the oven, and I just can’t commit to that.  The gravy is butter (instead of bacon fat), garlic, more rosemary, flour, milk.  Thick and delicious.

The trout is pan fried with a balsamic/red wine reduction that has become a favorite on our table.  I believe I sprinkled dried basil to taste.  The acidic sweetness of the reduction mingles with the creamy base of the gravy to give you two different and complimentary flavors on the plate.

I am becoming a steadfast fan of the two sauces, two colors, two tastes battling, flirting, joining on the plate and in the mouth


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