For ladies, and real men.

First of all, there is this thing called the menstrual cup. B and I call it the Lady’s Cup.

My friend, Amy Zhang, wrote this helpful blog that first introduced me to the idea. You should read it because she does all the research for you, and that’s wonderful.

Now you get the gist of where I am going.

Now listen: TAMPONS, PADS, SANITARY NAPKINS. I am not like Inga Muscio in Cunt. I do not want my period dripping onto the bathroom floor or to experience the sponge. But the Lady’s Cup?. It’s wonderful.

I hate having to buy boxes of disposables. I hate that they are bleached cotton. I hate that most girls like the little plastic applicators that increase the amount of waste humans create.

Most of all, I hate that women are brought up to be ashamed of themselves. Why are girls embarrassed when they drop a tampon from their purse?  It should be like a pack of Kleenex or cough drop. The very essence of humanity is embarrassing?

Do you remember beginning to talk about your period to some friend (female or male) and saying, “Oh, I mean, I won’t talk about it if you’d rather not.”?

Well, I don’t give a shit.  Because if it’s fun now to talk about poop, then we can most certainly talk about periods.

Do you even know the different textures of your period from week to week? You can’t tell from that tampon, but it is. It’s texture changes as you go along in amazing ways. Sometimes it’s like snot. Sometimes it’s like water.


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