I started this fancy, new blog and promptly ran out of time to blog. I’ve been working on a novella for class, but it doesn’t give me much satisfaction. So, I haven’t posted any parts of it. I am still reading Dubus and Hemingway and am getting into feminist art theory next. We’ll see how that changes my writing style.

Why am I here? I am waiting for the movers to come by and throw all of my belongings on the back of their truck. Then pick up Brian’s things and then bring them to our new home. Rabbit is sleeping next to me. Really sleeping. I wonder if all those people who have never owned a cat are missing out on seeing a cat sleep. Really sleep. Like stretched out, on her back, sleeping. You’ve never witnessed it? It would turn every person into a cat lover I guess. That could be good.

I’m waiting on someone to give me a job I can love. I’m waiting for e-mails I need to write a paper for school. Maybe it will never come and I’ll have to make it all up. That’s the good thing about enjoying creative writing. The world is your oyster. Watch out for cliches though!

There is an urge inside of me to compose poetry. Write short stories. Stay far away from this novella mess I have signed up for.


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