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Recommended Reading: The Martian

It took me just a couple of days to get through The Martian by Andy Weir. It’s one of those books that you may not want to put down too … Continue reading

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I’m not too shy to cry

In the last few months, I read Americanah and Tomlinson Hill. I watched Dear White People. It was not a coincidence that all of this circled around watching Ferguson unravel on … Continue reading

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Months pass like water

It’s been four months, almost five. That’s quite close to six, which is a long time. I’ve read Guterson, Otsuka, Chekov, Turgenev, and more. I’ve seen Bontecou, Marguerite, Soto, Braque … Continue reading

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I never want to run into a mountain goat

Yes, you need to watch this.

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Roberta Smith & Jerry Saltz interview

“SALTZ: ….I’m just saying, you guys have to make work that doesn’t all look the same, that isn’t like some sticks leaned up that you found or some cement or some … Continue reading

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Bump Start

This is a great photo. Plus, instructions on how to bump start your moto! Hope you never have to!

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Design, design

The next four weeks will be crazy. Please bear with me. Image from

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